mission and motivation.
It is my mission to craft better images to connect human hearts and brands.
To give you the best possible result, I use my expertise in visual aesthetics to bring out the unique story of each individual image by preserving its natural beauty and by giving it the final touch, respecting the creative vision.
I am a beauty, hair and commercial retouch artist.

Jan Wischermann Imaging specializes in beauty, hair and commercial retouching. The range of services includes high end post production for advertising campaigns, editorials and artistic works including look development, on set post production, digital support, proof matching, data backup as well as training of staff on client side (if requested).
Based on the experience of long term partnerships with international photographers, advertising agencies and clients, each project is realized individually, safely and efficiently.
Preserving the original naturalness of each image while bringing out the beauty that could not be captured on camera, so that each image connects with the heart of the viewer, is the purpose of Jan Wischermann Imaging.

about jan wischermann
Being an art director for years, I chose to follow my passion and turn into a full time pro retoucher with almost 20 years in the creative industry by today. I have a strong experience in providing high end results to clients like Aldi, Fortuna Düsseldorf, Henkel, Hornbach, Mastercard, Schwarzkopf, Stabilo and Syoss among many others. I am working on projects for well-known international advertising agencies, photographers and magazines.
As global Capture One Ambassador, I am honored to connect to likeminded professionals and creatives to provide knowledge and create value for the creative family. Also collaborating closely with the Capture One team to further improve the product experience is an important part of my Ambassadorship.
Giving keynotes, talks at Capture Ones format STAND OUT, online webinars or tuitions on YouTube and behance, or speaking for Wacom at their HQ in Düsseldorf or at photokina, is a big joy and has led to very fulfilling conversations and deep personal connections. 

The world is becoming a more complex place everyday. The pace of technological progress has accelerated by 10x. Therefore the demand for human centric communication has become essentially more important. Brands and people need to be authentic, clear and true in regards to communicating their purpose and values.
I am convinced that it is mandatory to embrace change, volatility and new situations as a chance for personal growth. I am open to always expanding my knowledge and skills. That is why I am currently studying business administration and innovation. I am a proud member of the first international cohort of highly disruptive ThePowerMBA-program.
I strongly believe in radical collaboration in order to being able to deliver the best possible results. I deeply believe that with the right people, mindset and tools every client vision can become reality.

My deep passion is story telling. I love to create visual and audible experiences. Connecting likeminded people, opening minds to take on new perspectives, sharing stories and driving my people to unleash their full human and creative potential is my purpose and fulfilling to me. This led me to starting my Podcast Game Of Mentors in October 2017.
With this show, I am connecting my audience to experts from a wide variety of areas in society, including investment, finance, economics, entrepreneurship, sports, business, art, communication, health, spirituality, new work, and more. I am speaking with exciting personalities and representatives for best practice learnings and transformation.
My vision is to bring together the knowledge, motivation and energy of my guests and my listeners so that great things can happen in our world. Through the power of our networks, new things are allowed to emerge, people are connected and values are created that make the world a better place.
As I am fascinated by podcasts as a medium I joined forces with my wingman Patrick Nottebaum. Together we are hosting the BeyondBoys (Germany's first social tribe) podcast "Beyond Boys Exposed".

Based on my beliefs, passion and experiences I am open for any kind of creative and purposeful project. I am ready to bring your wildest creative visions to life. With my powerful network I am constantly looking to bring value to my clients, my network and society. Reach out and let us connect so that big visions become reality to make this world a better place. 

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